About Us

L’Arte Central exists to give people in the community who are at-risk, have physical, intellectual or mental health challenges real workplace opportunities. This can include employment, community participation activities for NDIS participants and also volunteering or other meaningful activity as appropriate for their recovery. We create pathways back into mainstream community life and give people the opportunity to realise their full potential. It also provides a vehicle for changing community attitudes towards those with mental health and other challenges. 

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There are many challenges for people with either diagnosed psychological issues or significant risk factors including limited opportunities for employment and social engagement. Workforce participation has numerous health and social benefits; however entry into the workforce for people with a severe and enduring mental illness is not easy. It requires a supportive and flexible ‘real work’ environment with a range of training options which can be tailored to meet the contemporary needs of each individual.

Whilst our Cranbourne East store is the first store it will definitely not be the last as we continue to explore new and exciting opportunities.