Our Mission

Our Mission

It’s our mission to make sure those who have suffered severe and enduring mental health challenges can find hope for their future.
Many of us know about the increasing rates of severe anxiety and depression in our community. But we’re not all personally familiar with the debilitating impacts mental health issues can generate.

The unrelenting pain, anxiety, shame, and self-hate that can accompany mental illness has life-altering consequences. The journey from a low point in mental illness can be simply too hard to face alone.

For many people, the gap between illness and employment is too great to overcome alone.

Enter L’Arte Central. A creative, collaborative setting dedicated to the simple joy of enjoying good coffee and great food surrounded by the fragrance of fresh flowers and with the greater purpose of building good community.

We offer a trajectory that is different to the isolation, fear, hopelessness and often time suicidal outlook that can take hold when mental illness is unsupported, and opportunity is withheld from those who need it.

By replacing despair or frustration with a sense of hope for the future, we believe our training, employment, and participation options in a caring environment can be the catalyst for enduring change in many lives.


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