Why L'Arte?

Why L'Arte?

We all know someone close to us that has mental health, or other health challenges. And for many of us, we also have seen loved ones that have taken their own lives because of these challenges.

For Anthony Cheeseman, Our Director and Co-Founder, having his Father and Grandfather suicide were life changing moments in his life. His sister also has an acquired brain injury from a routine appendix operation.

Anthony's passion is to get alongside families and locals within the community and just be there for them, to listen to them, and to see them grow and just do things that they never thought they would ever do. He also doesn’t want anyone to suicide, and it is this that drives him to not just stop at one or two L’Artes.

People need community, and they also need to feel connected, and be accepted for who they are. They also need hope, because when there is no hope, there is despair. Post pandemic has seen an increase in anxiety disorders, especially in younger Australians, and this is where being in the centre of community is important.

Being part of a team plays an integral role in a person’s mental health journey. Feeling accepted, valued, encouraged, and supported through the good times and bad, means not just their own mental health improves, but also their family and friends who have supported them throughout the years.

A 'well' community and one that is thriving, not just surviving, is one that that has less suicides, less demand on hospitals and less ambulances being called out....It is ‘well’ when the people are ‘well’.

'We don't give opportunities to people to make great coffee, food or flowers; We make great coffee, food and flowers to give opportunities to people'

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