L’Arte Central Director

Anthony Co-Founded the MadCap Café Social Enterprise that comprised 12 cafes over three states including cafes in Masters home improvement stores and Westfield Shopping Centres. During operation more than 200 people were employed and more than 500 participated in Barista and Hospitality courses. He was a Michel's Patisserie Regional Manager from 2015-March 2020 mentoring and coaching Franchise Partners across Vic, QLD and SA.

Anthony is a Founding Director of L'Arte Central which commenced trade in October 2019. The pandemic meant Anthony was made redundant from his Regional Manager in March 2020 but this proved to be a blessing. He took over the day to day running of the Cafe operations at Cranbourne East guiding the business through 6 lockdowns and ensuring L'Arte not just stayed open and survived but actually thrived. It meant using his extensive network which led to L'Arte producing more than 20,000 meals in 2020-22 that get distributed by local charities to families and individuals in our community who are doing it tough.  

In October 2022, and 3 years to the day that the Cranbourne East location opened, L'Arte Syncrotron Clayton commenced trade inside the Federal Governments ANSTO facility. 




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